Spiritual Gifts and Offerings

Spiritual Gifts and Offerings


Nikki Starseed offers a wide variety of Spiritual Gifts and Services through Sacred Economics principles, in other words, an Energy Exchange basis.  She has over 30 years of education, research, and training in Spiritual and Esoteric Wisdoms and principles, in addition to almost 25 years of practical and professional application. Below is a sampling of her Magickal Offerings. If there is something you desire that is not included in the list below, reach out and inquire. Starseed will let you know if it is within her capacity or if she can refer you to another Spiritual Provider.

When you are ready to Book a Session you can send your Financial Gift through the Portal at the bottom of the page, and then send a message to schedule. Please be sure to include your time zone and days of availability. If you wish to arrange for an Alternative Energy Exchange, send a message using the form below and share which service you desire, and what it is that you have to offer in exchange. At this time, Starseed does not accept psychic services, energy healing services, or any form of psychological or Spiritual Counseling as a form of exchange.

Distance Energy Restoration and Attunement 

(Suggested Financial Gift of $88 for 30 Minutes or equivalent energy exchange – $333 for a 4 session package)

Nikki Starseed began learning the art of Energy Restoration and Attunement at the young age of 4 years old through her great grandfather who was one of the first trained Reiki Practitioners in the United States. Since then, she has amassed the ability to incorporate several techniques for a very Profound and Unique Restoration Experiences regardless of where in the world you are. By tapping into the Energetic Grid of the Collective Field of Awareness, she is able to create a Conduit of Flow that allows very pointed Life Force Ki and High Vibration Frequencies to find you with Ease and Effortlessness to assist you in your Energetic Restoration.

Wisdom Sessions

(Suggested Financial Gift of $222 for 2 Hours or equivalent energy exchange – $777 for 4 session package)

Wisdom Sessions incorporate Channeled Guidance, Transcendental Counseling, various Healing Modalities, and self paced exercises.  In essence, Starseed serves as your Transfiguration Doula as she leads you deeper into the Rabbit Hole of your Holographic Experience to Decode and Unlock your Truest and Highest Self, and help you to Realize and Actualize Your Purpose. The process requires a commitment to self and twice monthly (every other week) sessions to achieve the most Successful Transfiguration possible.

Intuitive Guidance 

(Suggested Financial Gift of $88 for 30 minutes, or $111 for 1 hour or equivalent energy exchange

With almost 25 years of experience Channeling Spirit and offering Psychic Guidance through a wide variety of Divining Tools, Starseed is able to offer Highly Insightful and Accurate Guidance, usually in the form of messages your Spirit Guides are trying to reiterate to you or validate for you. Not all Spiritual Gifts are alike, and what Starseed offers is a very unique and Individual Experience every session.

King Making – For the Divine Masculine

(To Be Discussed and Determined on an Individual Basis)

Each being embodying the Divine Masculine is responsible for choosing to Become the King that lives inside of him.  It is his responsibility to Rise to the Calling Within that invites him to Step Into His Greatness. It’s also comforting to have strong Feminine Presence in the process. For Starseed’s Brothers who are consciously on their Path of Destiny, she is available to the ones that she most resonates with, and most resonate with her, to offer her Divine Feminine Gifts in a Supportive Role.  This includes Intuitive Guidance, Emotional Support, Encouragement, connecting you with her Conscious Network and assisting you in Developing Your Own Audience, and many other potential options depending on each one’s individual needs.  This also allows a Harmonious Energetic Balance of Yin and Yang Energy to come through as a Sacred Co-Creation with Goddess on your side to accelerate the manifestations you are working toward.  Starseed takes on a very limited and exclusive number of Kings In The Making so that she can give her Dedicated Attention in the way it is deserved.

If you would like to request any of the above, please send a message below. 

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