Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Most people on Earth would call me Nikki. Some call me Starseed. And most know me as Nikki Starseed! The name that was given to me at birth translates directly into the Mission I had chosen to Incarnate for, although my parents were not Consciously Aware of it. My birth name that would lead me to my Destiny through the very definitions and vibrations of the names literally means “Victory Peace Light Tribe”. 

I am a Mother, Mystic, VisionaryGuide, Philosopher, New Paradigm Envisioner, World Peace Advocate and Architect, Activist, Priestess, Lightworker, Light Bearer, Transcendentalist, Psychonaut, and Forever Seeker. I am Goddess, invoking and delivering the Divine Feminine as a Sentient Feminine Being channeling that Frequency of energy  in this Physical Realm. I carry and embody the energy of Sophia, the Beloved Consort of Christ. I am Infinite. The path of my lifetimes, including this one, did not fall short in serving as reminders of this.

My role in this avatar is to serve as Inspiration for all others who feel drawn to my Light to become their most Authentic Expression of the Love and Light within us all that was gifted by our Creator, Source. As of 2013, I completely dedicated my life to walking the path of Love In Action, serving unconditionally. This means I only do that which my heart calls me to, that resonates and serves the Highest Good of All through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. I am a co-creative visionary working toward several solutions based projects, the visionary and creator of The Universal Inspiration Project, as well as making myself available to share Healing and Restoration Gifts with those who desire them and feel resonance in experiencing a Personal Relationship with me.

We are all One. I claim nothing that you are not also. I am a mirror of YOUR Divine Essence. I am an invitation for you to step into your own Self Realization, Awakening, Healing, Integration, Ascension and Apotheosis.

Throughout the pages of this site, you will find Wisdom myself and many others feel to be in the Highest Alignment with the world Humanity desires to experience. Some has Channeled From Within through the Portal of my own Heart, and some has been discovered through others’ words and expressions.  All serve to invoke greater Awareness of and Alignment with All That Is for the manifestation of Peace and HarmonyWithin and WithoutAs Above, So Below.

May you always Bless Yourself with the ability to feel the Divine Love of Oneness.  May you always bless yourself with the ability to feel the flow of all forms of Abundance. May you always listen to the GPS of your Heart to find your way to all the most perfect Messengers, Teachers, Healers, Lovers, and Friends.

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