A Starseed Is Born…

The birth name given to Nikki Starseed translates directly into the Mission she had chosen to Incarnate for. This was the first key that would lead her to her Destiny through the very definitions of the names that literally mean “Victory Peace Light Tribe”. 

As each of you do also, Nikki embodies many Attributes and Archetypes, while claiming to be nothing more than anyone else is, or can be. She is a Mother and Nurturer to Many, a Transcendental Mystic, Visionary Peace Advocate & Architect, Revolutionary Activist, and a Psychonautic Restoration Facilitator. She is a Lightbringer in a world currently flooded with ideas of darkness and she fluently speaks The Language of Love. 

Nikki’s Divine Purpose and Passion is to Inspire and Unify the World Through Demonstrations of Love In Action and to serve as a compassionate, benevolent doula of self-realization or rebirth for those who Resonate With Her to find their most Authentic Expression and the Divine Love and Light within each Sentient Being, gifted by Creator, Source, or God However You Understand God. She is able to assist in the Galactivation of an individual’s Self-Realization with a method that has the propensity to immediately lead to the Actualization of Mission to those Truly Committed in their hearts to living the Passionate and Prosperous Life of Purpose that is each being’s birthright.

As of 2013, Nikki completely dedicated her life to walking a Faith Driven path of Love In Action, unconditionally Serving All Life On Earth through a Vow of Service. This required her to Surrender All Attachments to mainstream expectations and focus all of her efforts on a path of being guided toward Divine Assignments for the Highest Good of All through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. This includes her role as a co-creative visionary peace architect working toward several large scale Solutions Based projects that Streamline and Amplify Activism, Systemically Address Food Insecurity, Wisdom Based Leadership, and Environmental & Social Justice Activism in multiple capacities. She is also the visionary and creator of The Universal Inspiration Project, as well as making herself available to share Healing and Restoration Gifts with those who desire and feel a resonance in experiencing a more Personal and Intimate Relationship with her.

In Oneness, Nikki consistently emphasizes that she is nothing more than a mirror of YOUR Divine Essence. She serves as an invitation for others to step into their own Self Realization, Awakening, Healing, Integration, Ascension and Apotheosis as their own Individuated Fractal Expression of God. 

Throughout the pages of this site, you will find Divine Wisdom and Heart-Centered Philosophies channeled and written by Nikki Starseed and others, each carrying their own Codes of Remembrance.  Every word you will see in this digital space serves to invoke greater Awareness of, and Alignment with All That Is for the Manifestation of Peace and HarmonyWithin and WithoutAs Above, So Below – in Body, Mind, and Spirit integrated through every Thought, Word, and Deed. 

May you Bless Yourself with the ability to feel the Divine Love of Oneness, the flow of all forms of True Abundance and Prosperity, and Trust Yourself enough to listen to the GPS of your Heart as you find your own way to all the most aligned Messengers, Teachers, Healers, Lovers, and Friends.

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